Business Professionals Welcome

You don't have to be an attorney to be a CMBA member. Affiliate membership in the CMBA is open to business professionals and other legal professionals who seek to better connect with this legal community. Furthermore, active membership grants you access to savings, communication and other benefits to help you succeed in your business.

  • Save at the CMBA Conference Center (members save at least $100 per rental)
  • Connect with the Greater Cleveland legal community
  • Expand your business and client base
  • Receive member-only communications
  • Establish your expertise through articles, presentations and more
  • Engage in committees, sections, and other volunteer opportunities
  • Enjoy full member benefits at the CMBA, including member-only rates on events, advertising, publications and more
  • Give back to the community through structured community and pro bono programs

Click the join button to sign up or contact the CMBA at 216-696-3525.

Our firm gets many referrals from attorneys, so I originally joined because I thought it would be good for business.  I got active because I found the mission of the bar association to actually be quite interesting and important, especially its efforts to educate the public about candidates running for judicial office and the law, in general.  I stayed because I found a group of men and women who check their egos at the door and who welcomed me to help with their mission, despite the fact I am not an attorney.  Along the way, I also got to know the terrific CMBA staff, who also know how to make a volunteer welcome.  I’m excited to be part of their relocation to One Cleveland Center and I look forward to taking advantage of this expanded facility.  With the return of LeBron, all the good news about development downtown and University Circle, the expansion of the Metroparks and the coming of the Republican National Convention, Cleveland IS the comeback city – and the lawyers of the CMBA are front and center on every single civic initiative.  I’m thankful and proud to be an affiliate member of the CMBA."  - Bruce Hennes, Hennes Communications

Who Qualifies?

An affiliate member is defined as: Any person who is not admitted to practice law before the Bar of Ohio or another state or territory of the U.S. and is engaged in employment or self-employment of a law-related nature or another business profession may apply for status as an affiliate member of the CMBA.

There are three types of affiliate members:

  1. Legal Affiliate ($75 annual fee)
    Non-lawyer who is employed by a law firm, law department, law school, etc. Examples include: Legal Assistants, Administrators and Research Librarians.  [Please note: we also offer a joint membership for paralegals with the Cleveland Association of Paralegals. Learn more here.]
  2. Business Affiliate ($265 annual fee for private companies; $75 for nonprofits)
    Non-lawyer, not employed by a law firm or department, consistently conducts business with attorneys and legal entities.
  3. Paralegals (prices vary)
    For paralegals, the CMBA and CAP (Cleveland Association of Paralegals) offer a joint membership . Through this agreement, paralegals enjoy TRIPLE membership for one rate: CMBA, CAP and the National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc. (NFPA).

Join or Renew Now!

You can join or renew today in any one of 3 ways:

1. Join online.

2. Download your membership application and send it to us by email, fax or mail. You are also welcome to drop it off at the CMBA anytime. Select the application that is right for you: Business or Legal Affiliate or Paralegal.

3. Call now. (216) 696-3525

 Paralegals are encouraged to take advantage of our joint membership agreement with CAP. Each joint membership grants you access to member benefits with the CMBA, CAP and the National Federation of Paralegal Associations.