Dispute with a Lawyer

You've hired a lawyer to help you, but now you have a problem with that lawyer. We work hard to help protect the public in legal matters. Our grievance committee investigates ethical violations by lawyers in Cuyahoga County. Grievances against judges must be filed with the Office of Disciplinary Counsel.

The grievance committee  is certified by the Board of Professional Conduct of the Supreme Court of Ohio. For more information about the grievance process click here.

FAQs about the Grievance Process

Dispute over Legal Fees

At no cost to participants, a fee arbitration program is available as a means of resolving fee disputes between lawyers and clients.

If you dispute the fees paid to or charged by your lawyer and you attempted to resolve the dispute without success, you may submit a fee dispute petition to the Lawyer-Client Fee Dispute Resolution Committee.

If the Committee decides your dispute is appropriate for arbitration, an informal hearing will be scheduled to determine the reasonable value of service that the lawyer provided. The arbitration panel's decision is binding and enforceable in court.

Download the fee dispute petition
Download the bylaws of the Lawyer-Client Fee Dispute Resolution Committee