Professionalism Award

The Professionalism Award is annually awarded to a lawyer or judge who has significantly contributed to the enhancement of professionalism in the Greater Cleveland legal community by exemplifying the goals of the Ohio Supreme Court's "A Lawyer's Creed" and "A Lawyer's Aspirational Ideals" and by furthering the ideals expressed in the mission of the CMBA. Nominees need not be members of the CMBA.

The 2016 William K. Thomas Professionalism Award will be presented at the CMBA’s Annual Meeting on June 3.


Distinguished Honorees

2015   Hon. Michael P. Donnelly
2014   Jacqueline Johnson and Hugh Stanley, Jr.
2013   John H. Lawson
2012   Ann C. Rowland and Michael M. Hughes, Sr. (posthumously)
2011   Thomas S. Kilbane (posthumously)
2010   Ian N. Friedman
2009   Frank R. DeSantis
2008   Hugh E. McKay 
2007   Deborah A. Coleman 
2006   C. Lyonel Jones (posthumously)
2005   Charles F. Clarke
2004   Niki Z. Schwartz
2003   Mark O'Neill
2002   Hon. Patricia A. Hemann 
2001   Marvin L. Karp