What If Preparedness Program

Helping Solo Practitioners Prepare for Business “What Ifs”

Solo practitioners can prepare for the “What Ifs” of business life with the help of the CMBA’s What If Preparedness Program ("WIP"), developed by the Ethics & Professionalism Committee. By taking advantage of the WIP program, you provide important information that can be used to protect your clients and aid your family members who may not know where to begin. And if none of the scary “what ifs” come to pass, the information that you compile and update will help you prepare to bring in a new associate or partner, sell your practice, or wind it down yourself.

Are you prepared for the “what ifs”?

Here are additional resources for lawyers planning for contingencies and transition:

CMBA Bibliography of Suggested Resources [PDF]

CMBA Manual for Disposition of a Law Practice (2009)

Agreement for Continuation or Termination of Law Practice [Word]