Ethics Hotline                                                   

The Ethics Hotline is available to lawyer members of the CMBA who have questions about their own prospective conduct as it relates to the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct. Questions may be answered by the CMBA’s Legal Department or a member of the Ethics and Professionalism Committee.

Resources available at the CMBA are limited to advisory ethics opinions and ethics materials. Often times, the advisory opinions that exist are not directly on point, but instead bear indirectly on the conduct or implicate similar provisions of the Rules of Professional Conduct. It is always suggested that members supplement these materials with their own statutory and case law research. Any information or analysis provided is advisory only and non-binding on any Certified Grievance Committee, the Office of Disciplinary Counsel, or any court.  This means there is no safe harbor and members should read and consider any rule, comment or ethics opinion discussed and factor it into their own analysis and independent decision-making. Members must exercise their own professional judgment with respect to their future conduct.  

The Ethics Hotline is merely a benefit to CMBA members and is not intended to be legal advice, opinion, or conclusions of law.

Members may also request in writing that the Ethics & Professionalism Committee use their questions as the basis for formal opinions. The Committee may accept or decline requests. Please note that formal opinions take, at a minimum, several months before they are issued.

To submit a question to the Ethics Hotline please contact Heather Zirke, Bar Counsel.