Ethics Help & Lawyer Disputes

Ethics Hotline

Lawyers with questions concerning their own prospective conduct as it relates to the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct, may contact the Ethics Hotline by calling or emailing Bar Counsel. Resources are limited to advisory ethics opinions and ethics materials and are not intended to be the CMBA’s legal advice, opinion, or conclusions of law.

Fee Disputes Between Lawyers

If you have a dispute with a lawyer over a shared fee, please submit a letter to Bar Counsel detailing the nature of the dispute. Be sure to attach a copy of any written agreement that is pertinent to the dispute. The information will be reviewed by the Division of Fees Mediation and Arbitration Committee.

Lawyer Incivility

If you have a problem with a lawyer that may not rise to the level of ethical misconduct, you may contact Bar Counsel to discuss the issue. The situation may be appropriate for an informal mediation by the Professionalism Conciliation Panel.

Ethical Misconduct

If you have a professional obligation to report the misconduct of another lawyer, please submit a letter with the information to Bar Counsel. You can also fill out this form. The information will be reviewed by the Certified Grievance Committee. Information regarding the grievance process can be found here.

Transition & Emergency Planning

Solo practitioners can prepare for the “What Ifs” of business life with the help of the WIP Program. Click here for more information.